Session Work

Energy Healing Sessions and One on One Enneagram Sessions are available in person or via phone or Skype.

In person Sessions take place at my office in Greenwich Village, conveniently located near the West 4th Street subway station. Healing Work is done with the client either sitting up or lying on a massage table. It is advised that you wear comfortable clothing and bring layers since lying down for an extended period of time tends to cool down body temperature. I kindly request that you don’t wear heavy perfumes. Touch is not required for the energy to be received by the client, although oftentimes clients benefit from a gentle hands-on touch in the neck, shoulder and back area.

Healing Sessions via phone or Skype start with the client calling at the scheduled time. After we set the healing focus for the session, we get off the phone and the client sits or lies down comfortably to receive the long distance energy work. The session ends with feedback time via phone or e-mail after the healing work is completed.

Healing Sessions are usually 90 minutes long, but can be 60 minutes, 75 minutes or 2 hrs if needed or requested.
One on One Enneagram Sessions are between 60 and 90 minutes long and also take place at my office or via phone or Skype.
In addition to receiving healing and working with the Enneagram, you may also choose to use our time together to discuss any challenges that may arise on your healing journey.


To book a Session or if you have any further questions, call (212) 777-0265 or send an e-mail to info@Space4Transformation.

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