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The greatest transformational tool there is is your own awareness. The problem is: how can you direct your awareness into an underlying cause you don’t know is there because it is running unconsciously?

You need a map.

Whether you have already discovered your Enneagram Type or not, I am sure you have noticed certain habitual, almost automatic ways of how you react throughout your day. Some things just push your buttons and you get angry or withdraw. Other things entice you to go after them. Then comes that internal dialogue, judging yourself or others. There may be a persistent doubt that makes you second guess your decisions. You feel a longing for a fulfillment you sense is possible but that remains elusive.

You have already recognized how these habitual reactions keep pulling you away from inner peace, how they cloud over your innate wisdom and clarity and prevent open-hearted relationship. You have seen how they undermine the life you want to live.

You have probably tried different things to change, release or “see through” these habitual reactions, and have felt frustrated as they keep showing up in your behavior.

The reason this is so difficult is that there are even deeper, more core issues that generate these habitual reactions. They are the result of the felt loss of our inner sense of connectedness and wholeness which gives rise to fear and the various strategies and false identities we construct in order to compensate for this experienced loss.

In our work together, the Enneagram provides the map and VortexHealing® the tool to create lasting change in your life. We use the Enneagram to uncover your unconscious core issues and the defense strategies that fuel your reactive patterns. Then we use VortexHealing® to release the energetic structures that hold those issues in your energy system.


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