Healing Work:

The gift of the Enneagram is that it uncovers our deepest issues, thereby saving us time by directing our focus straight to their root causes. Once we see our problem clearly and desire to be free of it, we find ourselves up against the powerful forces of resistance to change and the pull of habit.


The reason these two forces are so strong lies in the fact that issues are made up of two parts: a consciousness element and a conditioning element. The conditioning element reveals itself in the way a particular issue affects our physical body, our emotions, our thought patterns, our vibrational body, our chakra system, our meridian system and many more areas of our multi-dimensional energy system. This imprinting of conditioning even from one single issue is very intricate and complex, making it so difficult to release.


The cause of this conditioning lies in the consciousness element. Every issue has a core of separation consciousness at its root. This is our belief in a particular form of separation such as "I am lacking" or "I have been betrayed", and it runs like a continuous audio tape, telling us of our issue, reinforcing our belief in it and keeping the rest of our consciousness entangled in, preoccupied with it and distracted by it for as long as we remain identified with it.


A healing modality is needed that accesses a place outside of our separation consciousness and conditioning; a place with a broader prespective that is free from identification with the issue. This can only be a divine presence that is able to come in and wake up the separation consciousness out of its story, thereby undoing our belief in it.


Once this core of separation consciousness is gone, we need suitable tools that can track all the imprints of conditioning this issue has left throughout our system and work on clearing them. This task is accomplished by the divine presence making use of the energy healer's ability to be a channel for specific energetic healing tools. The healer's skill to bridge awareness into those conditioned areas is also crucial.


The healing modality that is able to achieve this is VortexHealing® divine energy healing.

Following are examples of what you may choose to work on in a session:

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